Thursday, 29 January 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum

Only it wasn't the Forum, it was the LYS - who is having a Big Sale this week. And it wasn't on the way there, it was on the way home. And it really wasn't all that funny. So I guess the title of this post should be "A not very funny thing happened on the way home from the LYS."

To explain, I must begin at the beginning.
My friend Jen drives a Pontiac Vibe. Cute, small, effective.
One day, less than 2 weeks ago, as Jen was driving along, her wee car was rear ended. By a transport truck. Now, something was definitely on Jen's side -- her car was driven away from the accident site. The transport was towed. There were no major, disastrous injuries, but Jen does have some deep tissue damage, and is in a fair amount of pain.
On Monday, Jen saw her doctor, and got some really good pain meds.
On Tuesday we went to the LYS to partake in their big yummy sale. We had just about made it home - we were turning on to my street in fact! Our turn was made impossible however by the transport truck coming toward us.
(Warning: there is an accident about to occur.)
Jen and I were both a little confused by the sound of squealing tires. The truck's tires all seemed to be turning fine. It was the sudden and rude impact from behind that made us go "OHHHHH!".
There was a loud WHACK!, we all got tossed around a bit, and then there was crying from the backseat. My first concern, of course, was soothing my daughter and ensuring she was okay. The other driver, of course, had different plans -- he wanted me to chat with him. *eye roll*

Long story short: info was exchanged. Insurance was called (there is minor visible damage to my car, but it's what you can't see that terrifies me.) An hour after the accident, the other driver called to ask how we were doing (still won't know until tomorrow . . . when the adrenaline is all gone and things aren't feeling so limber) and to tell me he wasn't going to inform his insurance company as he didn't want his premiums to increase. WHAT!? ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? You rear ended a car with a BABY in it! Man up, jackass! Also, you REAR ENDED a car with a baby in it! Does the term neck injury mean anything to you?

2 days later, I can safely say that Sweet Pea and I seem to be fine. She's been playing and trying to crawl and all that normal stuff. I have a headache, but aside from that . . . nothing as of yet.

As for Jen though . . . Poor Jen! She's developing a complex - thinks the fates are out to rear end her. And she said her recovery was set back by a few days. She certainly did not need this.

In the mean time, the car has been in for a look at the collision centre. Sweet Pea's car seat may need to be replaced, and my bumper has to go. Thank heavens for insurance.


canadacole said...

Very scary story! The title should have been "A scary thing happened on the way home from the LYS", but then I guess that wouldn't have the movie reference...

(Hubby loves that movie, BTW. I make him watch it alone.)

Glad you and the Pea are safe and hope Jen is doing better.

Alrischa said...

I don't suppose it matters if he tells his insurance company... as long as he Pays for it himself. And why did he call to tell you? Men! Weird creatures at times.

I'm glad you and bub are ok, though. Ü

Batty said...

So very glad everybody seems to be OK!

etcgirl said...

OMFG. I just want to collect you three up and hug you all. FG. OMFG. O. Not breathing correctly now. I am so glad you are all alright. I'm beginning to feel like there is some sort of curse on my friends. I'll type/call you both tomorrow.

Knitteopath said...

Holy Shit, A!! Glad to hear everyone is doing fine. JP is not going to want to get in a car again, evah. Where, exactly were you?

Stickyfingers said...

We were on Union about to turn on to Park in Elmira. (Up by the garish purple gift shop)