Friday, 9 January 2009

Pink eye?

Well shit.

Turns out Sweet Pea did have conjunctivitis after all. And apparently I'm doing well at teaching her to share.

So now we have a cold, and pink eye. We are certainly social outcasts . . . and for the rest of today, I'll agree to that. We are closing in on 24 hours of treatment, mind you, so we won't be contagious for long.


Batty said...

Oh, great. We had a co-worker show up and tell another co-worker that she was at work even though she had pink eye and the doctor had told her not to go to work...

I know being stuck at home sucks, but thank you for not sharing with the rest of us!

Stickyfingers said...

Oh, I may have shared it . . . but:
1) before I knew I had it or
2) with the full knowledge of involved parties (ie. 'hey, I have pink eye -- you sure you still want to go for coffee? I'd understand if you pointed and yelled UNCLEAN')