Friday, 16 January 2009

The Great Shoe Migration

I don't know what it is about babies, and footwear -- but I think they're in cahoots.

Every morning, I get Sweet Pea out of bed. I change her diaper. I blow raspberries on her tummy. I get her dressed in a cute outfit with equally cute shoes.
Later in the day (sometimes sooner in the day) I am sure to note that one of her shoes, or sometimes both of them, is/are off. Typically, that shoe is also missing.

Rarely, the shoe has not gone far.

Frequently, the shoes are in hiding.

But without question, what remains is this:

Because after one has removed one's shoe, the sock is not far behind.

This is how I come to have 2 'free range' socks somewhere in the house, and how it is that I spend at minimum 20 minutes of every day searching for emancipated shoes. At least 30 minutes are spent putting that adorable little foot back into the shoe.


Alrischa said...

Wait until she's mobile... then she'll be Intentionally Hiding her socks at the opposite ends of your house!

Stickyfingers said...

Oh Great! Something to look forward to! I'll have to get a lot more socks . . .

etcgirl said...

One word for you: