Sunday, 4 January 2009


So I see I neglected to mention that I broke the camera. Yeppers. Posts are a little light on images, no? Well, Tuesday I was cavorting on the stairs (my first mistake) when I bumped into the half-wall at the top of the stairs. The half-wall the camera was sitting on, waiting to be downloaded.
There was a SMASH.
And a CRASH.
And then the sound of batteries rolling every which way.

Turns out I cracked the camera's body, right along the battery housing. Resultantly, there is no counter-pressure against the battery door, to force contact.
Mr. W took the camera to work the next day, and used his mad creative thinking skillz to get it working . . . albeit in a hobbled manner.
Friday, I bought a new camera. Dudes, I cannot be without a camera during my baby's babyhood. I don't know if we'll keep the camera. It is not currently being used for just that reason. I mean, the old one still works . . . it's just not . . . well, it's kind of embarrassing to carry around. It's being held together with 2 washers and a random screw. So I have to ask myself, is it worth $200 to have a prettier camera? With more megapixels? And less zoom?

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