Friday, 24 October 2008

Mad Mortgage Dash Money Moratorium.

I forget that while I am an enthusiastic and doting first time momma, I am also a momma on maternity leave - making 55% of my previous salary whilst I am home. Therefore, a moratorium has been called on my reckless spending.

What this entails:
  • No more cute little 'inexpensive' toys and clothes for Sweet Pea. She has plenty. She doesn't need them. I can tell myself this ad infinitum, but I don't think I'll ever believe it. $2 here, and $14 there can really add up though. It's all for the best . . . Ohm.
  • Yarn Diet. I know! GASP!! But it shouldn't be too bad, really. I have yarn for several projects on hand. The scraps from those projects will give life to other projects. You'll all know why things look a little . . . well, strange around here in the future. Sticky -- why is that sweater raspberry, but one sleeve is lime green?? Can I do it? I don't know, but I'm certainly going to try! My goal: use the stash, don't let new 'siren' projects lure me to the LYS.
  • No more going to the mall for entertainment. This one could be difficult. The weather is turning icky and the mall is a nice warm place to walk. There are too many impulse opportunities though. See point #1.
  • Making the most of the food we have on hand. Mr. W and I agree that we could probably live for a month off of the contents of our freezers. We wouldn't be happy, or in a state of good nutrition . . but we're reasonably sure we could do it. Time for a defrost.
    Typically, we buy our groceries intending to eat leftovers, and then for some reason it just doesn't happen. The half ham goes in the garbage, along with the pasta scraps and the nasty wilted lettuce. It's time to start buying only what we'll use, and using what we have.
So here goes. Does Sweet Pea think I can do it?

She says it's a real nail-biter.

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Lisa said...

You can always talk to your knitting crew about a possible trade if we have something you need for a project... :) No money spent that way, and you can still have something new... (And scraps can also be knit into fun little baby TOYS = 2 birds with 1 stone!)