Monday, 6 October 2008

. . . I may have fallen down.

I may have fallen down in many departments.

There is Knitting.

Does this look like sweater sleeves? No, I didn't think so either. SIL's Wedding Stole. Almost 50% finished.

There is shopping. Everywhere I go there are adorable wee things. I try hard not to go overboard, I really do. But things jump into my cart. Sweet Pea now has a number of shiny new toys. She also has some new clothes. She also has a very naughty mommy.

I combined the two - knitting and shopping - and came home with this:

They're all earmarked for worthy and valuable things, but still . . . $$ I shouldn't have spent.

So mom's birthday sweater is stalled out again in favour of more pressing things. Let's face it, mom will have more birthdays. SIL will (hopefully) never have another wedding. I'm pretty sure I can get all the knitting done on mom's sweater with 3 good days. The blocking will take another 2 days. The seaming scares the bananas out of me. Not sure if it will be done in time or not.

This one turned 3 months old today. She's making leaps in her development! This week she started grabbing toys, and she now rolls up on her side. My baby is getting all co-ordinated!

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