Tuesday, 14 October 2008

In a state of complete outrage.

Commiserate with me.

When my daughter was born, she was 6 pounds, 15 oz. 2 days later, when we were released from the hospital, she had lost less than the projected 10%, and at her 72 hour check up appointment she had not only regained her birth weight, but surpassed it.
Good eater!
So, the very first time her own doctor sees her, he asks if I'm breast feeding, then tells me that I don't have enough milk, that she's not eating well, that I should switch to formula - all without ever checking her hospital records, or asking what her birth weight was. Yes, she was tiny - but she was also less than a week old when he saw her. And well over her birth weight!

Today, she had her 3 month check up. She's gained 1 pound, 6 oz since her last check up 4 weeks ago. (She's 14 pounds 11 oz now) The nurse who's seeing her tells me that she's not gaining fast enough based solely on last month's weight, and that I need to supplement. I flat out refused. Then she told me I would have to have dd weighed in 2 weeks, and since she already knows the gain won't be enough we'll be starting her on cereal at her next appointment.

Hell. No.

She'll be 4 months old. That's NOT old enough to be switching to solids. What the crap is wrong with these health practitioners? They're the ones harping on pregnant women that they need to breast feed, then they turn around and change stance? Are they getting a kickback from someone? It's absolutely maddening.

My daughter is in perfect health. She's round. She has chubby cheeks, thighs, and a wee round tummy. She's not fat - but she's not scrawny either. She is bright, alert, active and crap loads of fun. I guarantee she is not starving.

I will not be supplementing, nor will I be switching her to cereal in a month's time. I know I'm doing what's best for her, and giving her what she needs. I simply cannot believe that the doctor's office would try to change my mind like this!


Nessa said...

Good for you for sticking to your guns. I hate it when Dr.'s try to change my mind when I know that I am doing the best for my family.

You have my support! I bf'd both babies till almost 2, and didn't start solids till 6 and 7 months respectively.

You rock mama.

Hege said...

Hang in there.
I had the same issue with my daughter. The nurse at the clinic meant she didn't put o enough weight. But our doctor is great and told us that as long as she followed her own weight curve, there was nothing to worry about.

Luckily all kids are not alike!

Lisa said...

That's crazy. I'm no expert but Sweet Pea certainly looks like she's thriving to me! (It was all I could do to stop myself from pinching her cheeks last night -- so. cute!!)

Sara said...

Your baby sounds fine! How frustrating to deal with such pushy practitioners. Do you have the option to switch to a different group or practice?

Trixie said...

wow. i'm totally with you on this one. i'm a huge believer in instinct too when it comes to your kid. you see her every day, you know how many wet diapers and poopy diaper she has, you know how alert she is, how content she is. numbers on a chart do not apply to all!

and i agree with this stance of breast is best yet use supplements is crazy! my doctor told us not to start the wee one on solids until 6 months. she said studies showed that younger than that and babies sloughed off cells from their intestines trying to digest solid food.

stick with the boob! all hail the boob!