Saturday, 25 October 2008

2 Seperate, yet equally important, posts

No really, your eyes deceive you -- there are TWO posts here.

First off, and this truly does deserve a post of its own -- Sweet Pea rolled over! I didn't want to say anything too soon in case it was a fluke, but she did! On Tuesday! And she's done it twice since then.
Aw, my sweet little baby is growing up. She sleeps through the night, she plays and interacts, and now she rolls over.

I swear, I'm really enjoying her little. I don't want her to grow up - but I'd be really worried if she didn't!

Second post, because this one deserves a post of its own as well!

Story: My mom has just returned from a trip to visit a dear friend of hers in PEI. Fridays she comes over to spend time with Sweet Pea (and, secondarily to see me). Thursday, when I called to confirm that she was coming, she told me that she had some work for me to do. 'Dear God,' I thought 'what am I going to have to knit her?? How do I say no? I don't have time!'

Friday morning, she came up the driveway with this:

I'll admit, I got a little sweaty. 'So it's something big. What, an afghan? Like, a queen-size afghan? Christ almighty. I hope she's not too pissed that I have to say no.'

After much dilly-dally, she opened the suitcase to reveal:

'Oh lordy, that's at least 4 somethings.'
And then she went on to explain that she had gone with her dear friend to the Mill where these yarns were spun. First she handed me the blue - a merino. Yummy. Then she handed me the tan - soy silk blend. Delightful. Then she handed me the cream. Can't remember the content, but OH YEAH! Turns out she wants me to take them from skeins (on the right) to cakes (on the left). I have a swift and winder, it's super easy for me. Then she will knit them up herself. No prob! Knitting pressure off! (Whew). She also brought me 8 oz of merino/bamboo roving to spin up and knit into something for Sweet Pea.

And then, as payment she brought me this:

It's a lovely silvery neutral colour. Unbelievably soft.

I sat, and I fondled, and I admired the twist, and I wondered 'content?' . . . and then I nearly died. No seriously, I'm sure my heart stopped for a full 10 seconds.


I haven't stopped petting it yet.


Lynne said...

See? I alla time am telling you your mum is pretty cool. :)

A big up for mums evrywhere!

Lisa said...

Whoa. She done GOOD.