Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Pretty Things!

Okay, I really hope Sprout's a girl, because if she is, she's going to have some gorgeous things to wear! And if Sprout's a boy . . . well, he's going to be naked. Or at least, without handknits. Poor child.On Sunday I started the above knitting. It's hard to tell, but it's a lovely little dress. You'll see it when it's done, promise. I made it before, in this post. It was a different colour then. And a different yarn. And even a different gauge. I love this new one! I'm already done the front, and almost one whole sleeve -- that's 50% in just a few days! Now that's what I call a motivated knit.

I bought the yarn a few months ago for a sweater that really (sadly) didn't work out. I'm almost glad now, given how darling this dress is going to be. Up close, the yarn makes me think of sherbet. It's raspberry, peach and plum - such a yummy colour combo.

This was the knitting project with the biggest flame under my bum, given that last time, the knitting took MONTHS -- largely due to inexperience, I think. I thought I'd never have it done on time, but now I'll be very surprised if I don't . . because it will mean Sprout is very early indeed.

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Batty said...

That's so pretty! If Sprout's a boy, you could always revert to the historical approach of having him wear dresses until he's 2, then making a huge deal of his "first pants"... that approach worked up until the last century.