Sunday, 18 May 2008

2 Loads of Laundry Hat

My WIPs are kicking my ass again, and I don't mind telling you -- it's bringing me down!

I just don't want to work on Mom's birthday sweater, and the Eyelet Chemise -- well, the pattern bit I'm at now doesn't seem to make sense. I need to look for errata, and then just suck it up and do the knitting. I finished the lace rib, now I'm working at the transition. It's confusing me for some reason. I'll also say estimating appropriate lengths and sizes for my post-pregnant body is difficult in my current massive state.

So I decided last night that I needed something with instant gratification quality to bring back my mojo -- and I found it! The Vine Lace Baby Hat from Knitting Daily. CUTE! And super fast. I cast on for it last night - ran into some issues, frogged and went to bed. This morning, I threw a load in the laundry and was just weaving in the ends when the second load came out of the dryer. Now that's pretty instant in terms of gratification. I'd definitely make it again -- and I might, in a bigger size very soon. I hardly even made a dent in the Hempathy I used.

Hey Jesh, look! We have twin kitties!! ;)

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Jesh said...

we totally do have twin kitties! that's hilarious.