Monday, 19 May 2008

My Due Date Approacheth

So it occurred to me recently -- Sprout could feasibly be here in as little as 3 weeks, and they wouldn't try to stop her. This thought is both exhilarating, and alarming. Conversely, she could take as long as 8 weeks, and they wouldn't bat an eye either.

3 WEEKS? But the nursery isn't ready! And there are still lots of things we need! AHHH!
I'm trying to keep a tight hold on my nesting - there is still my baby shower in a few week's time, and really, a newborn baby doesn't need much of anything - a place to sleep, diapers, something to keep her warm . . cute handknits.
We've got most of that covered.

There is a family Moses Basket that we were supposed to be given temporarily, but that hasn't happened. My baby will have to sleep in a drawer! ;)

Of course, like most expectant mommas, I harbour the hope that my baby will come early - but not too early. Just early enough. Like in three weeks. Maybe four. I can't wait to meet her, look at her, hold her in my arms . . . test my breastfeeding abilities . . .
But the idea of becoming a mother -- a little intimidating. Not gonna lie.
Oh, it's not the birth. The birth doesn't scare me -- maybe I'm naive, maybe just realistic, but the birth is going to happen, one way or another. It will be what it is - difficult, easy, surgical, natural, whatever. The fact remains it will happen, and there is nothing I can do about it. It's after the birth, the raising of the child, that scares the bejesus out of me from time to time.

I think it would be different if I just knew what to expect, but I have heard so many conflicting reports. I've heard that I will be at the end of my rope, that I will be fatigued and harassed. I have heard that life with a newborn is a cake walk, I will be well-rested, and caught up on my daytime tv (who watches daytime tv anyway?), and have lots of time for housework and hobbies.

And that's just the newborn part! There are more stories still about the toddler years, childhood, and what it's like to have a teenager.
But all these tales have one thing in common . . . "it's so worth it"

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