Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Separation Anxiety, and Sleepless Nights

You know what time it is? 3 am. Why am I blogging? Because I can't sleep. Why can't I sleep? Sprout. Little bugger. All stretchin' up into my ribs and trying to break things!! I mean, it's not like it's intentional . . . I forgive her . . but OW! Add to that my nightly routine of wicked indigestion/heartburn, and you have one tired momma to be. Sadly, there's no end in sight. I have years of sleepless ahead of me, I'm sure.

I've done it. I put 5 things into my knitting Guild's juried show.

Pink Lemonade: Because it got such a great response on Ravelry, and everyone I've shown it to has gone bananas for it.

Her fraternal twin sister Frankenpattern: also very cute.

A pair of itty baby bunny slippers - no photos because I had actually just finished them at work, and didn't photograph them yet. Trust me when I say they are cuter than hell!

The (dreaded) Chocolate jacket: Sans Shawl pin -- not that I don't trust 'em, but . . .

And my Merry Little Cardi: Beautiful, complicated, and the yarn choice was perfect!

The theme of our show this year is embellishment, and every one of these projects has some sort of embellishment going on -- whether it's a patterned edge, or stuff actually stitched on.
Do I think I'll win anything? No. There are a lot of great knitters in my guild including Debbie New and Sally Melville. But, yes, sadly, I do need that kind of validation from time to time. I'm hoping for an honourable mention somewhere along the line. Now here is where the separation anxiety comes in -- I will be without these objects until JUNE 10 at 7pm!! I'm feeling a little sweaty about that! What if Sprout comes? And she's a girl? She won't be able to wear her pretty little newborn sized kimonos, that are only meant to fit for a week or two! And the Cashmere/Silk bunny slippers will go to waste!! And what if my beautiful stuff gets lost??

Okay, cognitively, I know I'm over-reacting, and being totally ridiculous . . . but man, I put my heart into my baby knits, and that chocolate jacket nearly frickin' killed me! It's, well, weird to be apart from them! And I did not anticipate that!


Lisa said...

Good for you for submitting stuff for adjudication! I'm really bummed that I didn't make it last night, I had some stuff I wanted to put in too. Oh well.

Batty said...

I understand the separation anxiety, a lot of energy and time goes into knitting something. The influence of pregnancy hormones isn't helping either, I'm sure. But your knitting is beautiful, and I hope you get the honorable mention.