Sunday, 24 February 2008

What a relief!

Today, I was perusing my usual blogs, getting caught up. I went to Jesh's blog. See it there, on the right? You should visit her! In her blog, Jesh mentioned wanting to knit more grown up sweaters, but having no opportunity to do so.

So I made a proposal. See this image?? Bye Bye Jane, you evil bitch!

Really Jane wasn't that bad to work away on, HOWEVER, her sleeves are very narrow, and her st st is very dull, and her construction eludes me. I hope Jesh loves her!

The yarn is gorgeous, but I just couldn't find any other pattern that would work for my size and the amount of yarn in the kit. Sigh.


Jesh said...

big giant *heart bubbles!* to you, dearest. :D

Batty said...

Sometimes, to give really is better than to keep the frickin-frackin thing for oneself.