Sunday, 2 March 2008

The trouble with baby knits . . .

They're just so darn fast! Really . . . I cast on for a dress on the 27th, and finished it three days later on the 1st. It would have been done on the 29th, but I ran out of yarn after the LYS closed.

Why is this trouble you ask? Because, it's addictive! And it cuts into my motivation to finish that which is languishing on the needles. AND it gets pricey, because I have to keep buying yarn to knit up into adorable little things.

The dress is the sweetest thing! It will be our daughter's coming home outfit, if she is a girl. Here are some shadowy pictures:
The Dress was a fabulous knit. Really enjoyable, and FAST for nothing but st st in the round.

Tura Maeve Dress.
Scroll down, it's in english below.
3 skeins, plus a few yards Svale (lovely to work with, but splitty)

Right now, I'm also working on a sweater for a boy, in case our daughter is a son, and doesn't want to wear a pretty dress home from the hospital. I cast it on yesterday, and only have one sleeve and button bands left to do. See? Too Fast!


Batty said...

That's just adorable.

debolsillo said...

OHHH Yo did it very beautiful.