Saturday, 2 February 2008

Progress! Already!

Well, my decision has been working out thus far!
Tuesday I finished the skully scarf. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.
The Chocolate jacket has 2 completed sleeves now. I cast on for one side front, but didn't get any farther yet.
Baby's blanket is getting close, with 5.5 out of 7 completed lacy stars, and then the garter border to do.
I haven't even touched frost flowers, or the other scarf since last week. I'm trying to focus on that which I can finish up/that which I committed to last week.

However, I do have a slight 'problem'. I'm experiencing cast on fever, driven by my Ravelry queue, and the BIG SALE at my LYS. I certainly don't want to buy any yarn for things that I'm not going to be working on right away . . . but it's a sale!! There are worse problems to have I'm sure.


Batty said...

I have the same problem. Plus, I'm afraid some of the yarn I want will go "out of print"... sometimes, you just have to buy yarn.

jennyp said...

Dude, I seriously developed a twitch watching them put up those red "Sale" signs on Friday. Give in. Succumb to the fever. Denying yourself yarn just causes stress, and too much stress isn't good for the munchkin. I'm just looking out for your well being.
(Also, why is it whenever I try to type the word 'yarn', I always type the word 'yearn' instead??)

Stickyfingers said...