Monday, 11 February 2008

Mostly dead is still slightly alive.

Yeah, I'm here . . . in a sense.
Thursday I came down with a wicked bad flu, which has me sleeping 16 - 20 hours a day, and running a scary high temperature. So now we're worried for our little sprout, who is hopefully not a cooked sprout. The very best part of the whole ordeal? It's not over yet. Longest illness ever. Never have I been so completely miserable for such a long, long time.
Mr. Wonderful had the same plague last week - he's still not 100%. Apparently this year's strain is not the one they vaccinated for, so I don't want any lectures, alright??


I admit to nothing.

I will say however, that Cookie is a sadist! This pattern is so hard on my hands and wrists! It is beautiful, mind you.


Lisa said...


Batty said...

Feel better soon! The flu sucks. Sounds like you got the real thing, not those cheap knockoffs.

Beautiful sock, though. I want to make 'em, but my hands hurt easily and I'm scared.

Lynne said...

I agree re: Cookie. That pattern has been kicking my arse.

Feel better soon, hon.