Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Honesty is a virtue, right?

Well, I realized I haven't been 100% honest. I have 9 things on the needles now. That includes 2 little things I found languishing among the mess that is my work space. I have a tenth thing that isn't quite finished. Also, I haven't really frogged my anemois. And I'm planning on hitting the LYS for yarn by the weekend. I know. I'm terrible.

I feel like not all of this is going to get done. There is just so much, and so much I've lost interest in. I know life is too short to spend it knitting drudgery projects, but I've already come so far on them! I can't frog all that lace! Or the horrendous blue thing! And I don't want to frog the baby stuff!

I need a knitting fairy.

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