Saturday, 23 February 2008

My finest WIP

I took some photos for your enjoyment today . . . And because I really wanted to share!

Everyone, meet the Monkey -- aka Sprout. This is a picture of a print out, so it's not perfect, but you get the idea!

We had our big ultrasound yesterday. It took over an hour -- not because it needed to. When I arrived, I was taken into the dark and stuffy room by a student, who started the ultrasound. Apparently she was very new to this. It took a long, long time, and was very uncomfortable. Her instructor finished the job, and showed Mr. Wonderful and I parts of our baby that we will probably never see again. We had a really cool/creepy view of a head-on skull, and we could even see eyeballs moving around. We saw really defined vertebrae, and ribs, and fingers, and toes. We saw the stomach, and bladder. We saw the sole of the foot, which was absolutely adorable.
We asked if the sex could be determined . . . it turns out our baby is either A) very modest, B) very stubborn, C) a big fat joker. The little knees were clenched together, so the tech couldn't get a clear view, but the legs were up against the chest -- so we got an 'under view' of baby's nether bits . . . Four little straight lines. We all agreed that it looked like our baby has labia. Current best guess -- we're having a girl! This is very much a guess, but I completely lost my head and told a bunch of people yesterday.

This is what Sprout looks like from the outside. Yup, gettin' big! Only gonna get bigger!
Now that the cold of doomy hell is clearing up a bit, I'm really enjoying being pregnant. Especially since I can feel more going on in there, and things are really becoming . . . Real. I'm going to have a baby! I can hardly believe it! I can hardly wait to meet her!

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Kate said...

Awwwww, babies.

I cannot wait to get back on that particular roller coaster ride again.

(Found my way here from the knittyboard, thought I'd say hi.)