Sunday, 27 January 2008

I've made a decision.

I have far too much on the go. I really do. In terms of WIP, I mean. So it's been decided: I either need to finish, or frog. Right now, I have 9 things on needles. I can really only work on one thing at a time, with one other thing for distraction if the first thing isn't doing it for me. So that's where I'd like to be. That, and I'm sure once the baby arrives, I won't be knitting on 9 things!

So I'll finish the stuff I have that's going well, frog Jane, my Anemois which wouldn't fit a 3 year old, and the mystic waters shawl I read backwards. All the work points down instead of up. It's hard to explain. This will leave me with 6 WIPs.

Skull Illusion scarf: needs lots more length, but is definitely work worthy. I'll likely have it done in 2 weeks max. Is that courting disaster? Giving it a time line?

Arabesque blanket: The panel bit is halfway to finished. It has definitely ground to a halt of late, but needs to be finished before sprout is. It will take time and patience. Usually, I do an hour on it each day before work. My shift has been bumped to an earlier one, so it will take time to work out a routine. I think I can have it finished by the end of February.

My Chocolate Jacket is another good work project - Lots of stockinette. Once the skull scarf is done, I'll start in again on the jacket.

So that leaves 3 things. Another scarf, my frost flowers shawl - which I think I'll make a large doily and give it to my mom or mother in law, and a baby sweater. Clearly there's a dead line on the baby sweater, the scarf is something I really enjoy, and the doily is nearly done. I think I can have my WIPs cleaned up by May.

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Batty said...

Good luck! I think a WIP inventory is a good idea. There's no need to waste yarn and needles on projects that won't get finished.