Sunday, 6 May 2007


Serious progress . . . I had another week of finishing it off . . .

Found the missing needles - right where I left them! So here is my new shrug -- I think it may be my niece's birthday gift. It's a little snug.

And then I polished off Fetching quickly -- as you can see, it's no longer glove weather here, but I'll be prepped for fall, I suppose.

And this - well, this thrills me to death! I found the ultimate sweater-that-is-too-dull-to-knit-at-home-even-in-front-of-the-tv knitting zone! WORK! I always knit at work, and thus far, I haven't been reprimanded (touch wood). When I realized that I didn't have shrug to knit at work anymore, I figured I might as well bring in the dirge sweater. I didn't think it would work - but before you know it, I was decreasing for armholes! WOO!

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KnittingNutter said...

Wow, you are flying along. Lovely projects.