Sunday, 13 May 2007

House livin' is GOOD!

I have had a rockin' good weekend. Really - and I thought it would go up in smoke . . . but here we are, 8pm on Sunday evening, and life is sweet.

Friday afternoon Mr. Wonderful and I got all our little ducks in a cute row, and realized we had colossally effed up -- we had not made Mother's Day plans for our moms. Well, to be fair, for him it was not a last minute realization . . . he just isn't super motivated to pick up the phone after the blow out of last year's mothers day (he went all out, wanted to take her to a fancy restaurant, and she blew him off - he was offended. It was super messy). So I emailed and called and pulled a gathering out of my bum for his mom. All while I was still at work. I am a super-human wife.

Saturday morning, I leapt out of bed at the crack of dawn (thanks to the thunderous chorus of birds) ready to greet the day. I did some sewing for Liz (aka Blu Roux) - I hope she likes it - and then trotted off to the mall. See, I need some summer pants. Something for my legs that is not too hot, like my cords are. Something that is not 'puffy' and makes me look dumpy, like my capris. I need me some more pants for the un-godly hot summer that is purportedly coming our way.
I went to Zellers first - everything there gave me camel toe, or was too big.
Then I went to Winners - there was some nice stuff, but it was not precisely what I was looking for. Sigh.
Then I went to a florists, and fought people for flowers. It was a total madhouse. $50 later, I had mother's day stuff for our moms.
As I paid, I realized that no plans had been conveyed to me about my mom's day . . . hmmmm . . . so I called. No answer. I left a message.
Long story short, my brother bailed out on Mother's day, and it was all up to me. Gee, I wish I had known. I invited them over for Sunday lunch.
Then we raced around like idiots cleaning and tidying and generally preparing for the visiting.
My Mother-in-law's visit was great! She and her husband, and Mr. Wonderful's younger sister and her husband came over for an early dinner. We sat in our backyard, we prepared food in my huge (compared to our old apartment) kitchen, we had a generally great time.
We even made Pina Coladas!
Today, we had a repeat, only with lunch, and sans the running around.
Now, I have to say, I think that once you get to a certain age, you should be absolved of Mother's Day BS. Seriously. I haven't asked my mom to Mother me in years. And she doesn't. In all honesty, we really don't get along. The less we have to talk, the better. She has told me she finds my conversation tedious, and while the feeling is mutual, I have the decency to keep it to myself. So buying her a gift and all that - well, it's kind of an empty gesture. I'm pretty sure that's why my brother saw fit to remove himself from the fray this go around.
And my mom is not low maintenance at all. She's not the type who would accept a card and a phone call. You have to be appropriately appreciative (read: spend lots of $$). Okay, I understand that she birthed me, and raised me - but I get her flowers every year for MY birthday, I give her a card and take the time to say thanks for the gift of life. My birthday was what? 6 weeks ago? Really, I feel like she's just cashing in. I'm past the point of going all out, aren't I? I haven't lived under her roof for 7 years now. I think I've paid her back - or at least, I think she should be happy with a card and a phone call.
And it doesn't stop there - she wants us to do the same for my dad on Father's day -- in fact, she told me that for this year, I should buy him the table saw he wants. It's $700. $700!!!
I don't think so.

Other happy stuff from the weekend: I have also learned that I have peony bushes in my yard! Peonies are my favourite flowers . . . they're almost open . . . ooooo . . . I can't wait!!
And I have lilies . . . I love having a garden. It's so exciting.

Now that winter is past, I'm really seeing the benefit of having a house. And I love it!


Batty said...

You sound so happy, it's wonderful!

But $700 for a saw? You can get a whole spinning wheel for that!!!

KnittingNutter said...

I hear you on the mother thing - keep your chin up. And yes, $700 for a table saw is too much. Hear me, I went down that road and I wouldn't want anyone else to fall in that trap. I said stop to buiyng my brother a trip for his 30th...


Anonymous said...

*Snort* A $700 table saw? Even if I adored my father more than anything (we have a slightly shaky relationship) there's just no way...

Still, you sound quite positive and upbeat about the entire thing, which is quite admirable. I'd have all sorts of ruffled feathers!