Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The best weekend ever!

So Friday night was incredible - simply incredible. I have never attended a knitting event before. I have always been too busy, too introverted, or too interested in staying home and knitting. Friday night was the Canadian launch of the Yarn Harlot's latest book - Casts Off.
I was informed/invited by the fabulous LYS lay-dee Lynne who advised me that she had a car load of knitters going. I have always said no to Lynne's offers -- I figured if I continued saying no, she would stop inviting. So I said yes. And in the back of my head I said 'but I'm not going to like it'.
I took Friday off work. I got off to a bumpy start with my mom making a surprise visit at T minus 60 minutes . . thank heavens I had to get going! She would have been here all day, I'm sure.

Cut to the car ride to Toronto. There is something to be said for flying down the highway with 2 socks, a dishcloth and a hempy t-shirt on the go . . .

We got to the bookstore slightly late. There was standing room only, which frankly didn't surprise any of us. Stephanie's 'speech' was absolutely engaging! What a wonderful speaker - she themed on the misconceptions surrounding knitters and knitting, and basically sternly warned anyone listening not to underestimate the power that we wield. Okay, so I enjoyed that bit -- now we're heading to the after party . . I'm so not a pub/bar girl. Once again that voice in the back of my head chimed in . . . 'I'm not going to like it!'

I have to admit that I'm surprised at just how much I liked it. The whole thing. Start to finish. I met some great new people - before Friday, I was pretty much convinced that I was the only knitter in the whole world, and that the rest of it was just an elaborate ruse. Now I know that to be false. There are bazillions of knitters! And I think they all live in Toronto. The last place I would expect . . .
There was an amazing power to gathering and knitting and just being there. My knitty mojo has returned full force, I am on the way to knitting nirvana!
I think/I hope I have made some new knitting friends - Lynne, of course - and also Barbara, who is just getting her knitting obsession underway.

Now here is something that thrilled me to pieces. I was sitting on my barstool, knitting my lacey hemp top, when Amy R. Singer drifted by. (Be still my heart!) I love her for Knitty.com and all the implications it has had in my knitting life. I struck up a very small conversation with her -- and she gave me her I (heart) knitty button!! Thrill!

yeah, so anyway . . . Friday night was super good for my soul. Didn't get to speak to Stephanie at all . . . but completely satisfying nonetheless.
** how did I not publish this? . . . oops **

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