Tuesday, 22 May 2007

I have pictures!

To make up for my text heavy posts of late.

I've been doing quite a bit of sewing lately. First, I made a needle roll and bag for Blu Roux. Then I made some stuff for me:From left to right. A new knitting bag - with a zipper. I'm not overly impressed . . but it has a lot of space in it! A new polka dot bag to hold my cheapy dpns and circs. A marked improvement over the plastic bag they were in before. A Really Nice needle roll for myself. And finally, my favourite ever knitting bag, messenger style, love it.

Here's something else that I made a while ago, and haven't posted yet. This is how I store my good dpns. Or, the dpns with the sizes written on them.

I love this mini-roll. It's adorable!

And here is my hemp T-shirt in progress -- and the inside of my messenger knitting bag . . .

Because I live in Amish country, as I stepped out of the house to take these photos, a horse drawn carriage was trotting past my house. I tried to snap a pic, alas . . the batteries were dead. Some other time, perhaps . . . actually, I think it would be fun to showcase my little town.

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Batty said...

The matching bag and accessories are too cute! They look really well made, too, I'm jealous of your mad sewing skills!

And that's some very pretty lace. I like the color, it's so nice for summer.