Sunday, 31 January 2010

Doll #6

I just realized I haven't introduced doll #6 yet!

Here are #s 5 and 6 together. You may recognize #5 from a previous post.

As you can see, my mom wanted them naked. It's almost too bad, because I find naked Waldorf dolls to be a little weird looking. She's an expert with a sewing machine, so I'm sure they'll have a whole wardrobe of adorable outfits before you can say boo - and Sweet Pea will be so happy to visit them at Grandma's house . . . but for now -- weird!

Look, look! In this picture, you can see that I gave them knobby knees!

I'm not a huge fan of this pattern in particular. I don't like the idea of jointing a doll with just a piece of string (singular) and hoping it never comes apart. It's not like children go easy on their toys and realize they're handmade. It would be easy enough to fix if the string did break, but still . . . freaks me out.
I need to make another of the small ones for Sweet Pea. I've never seen her nurture a doll like she nurtured this one before it went to her Grandma's place.

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Anonymous said...

whooohooo...another bunch of beautiful babies!! You are such a wizard at all you do! Thay look as fine as all else you do...yes!! they do need clothing! LOL String joints are all they would accomodate tho! None of the "other joints" could be concealed in their soft fabric arms. They're great! kwgma