Sunday, 24 January 2010

Fixed. Ish.

The heartbreak.
This was the hardest part - to just suck it up and put the live stitches on needles. This is a necessary step to facilitate the fix, but also hardest step to take. Fortunately for me, Sue at SWK did it for me. Wait, I don't know that it's Sue. It could be Soo. Or Sault.

After talking me off the ledge, and convincing me that it would in fact be alright - well, I'll let the photo speak for itself.What horrifying, gaping hole?


Batty said...

Hole? I can't see any freaking holes.

Great job!

Bezzie said...

Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous!!! you'd never know if someone didn't tell.....sooo..DON'T tell! it looks wonderful! dang! I guess that means we don't get to roast marshmallows over the bonfire huh? *giggle* kwgma