Thursday, 7 January 2010

Christmas part 2

Let's begin with Christmas Eve.

Here is Sweet Pea in her lovely new dress. I put it on her just to see how much too big it was. Apparently she liked it. She wouldn't let me take it off until bedtime.

Christmas morning came early in our house this year. 5:30 am. She's ONE. She doesn't even know yet! I kept her snuggly and busy until 6:30, but then I just couldn't convince her she didn't need breakfast anymore. It was time to get Mr. Wonderful up - I mean, really . . . how can you keep a kid out of her presents on Christmas morning??

First off, this little girl has no attitude of entitlement what so ever. It took some work to convince her the toys under the tree had been left for her. When it finally clicked that these were hers(!) the gasp of delight made the early hour bearable.

First, she took her new broom for a test drive. Thanks Santa!

Then she tried out her cookie jar/shape sorter. THANKS Santa. She also played with Toodee for a while. THANKS SANTA!!
Next up: Stockings. Please, oh please tell me that one's for me!

Once all of the wrapping paper was cleared, and the gifts were opened, Sweet Pea settled into her rocking chair with a bagel and an apple. She ate on that apple all morning.
There were other houses to celebrate Christmas at, and Sweet Pea got some great new stuff. She's particularly fond of this play food!

This was my favourite gift. 2 skeins of Lacey Lamb from Mr. Wonderful!

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Batty said...

She is so cute! And she's extra cute in her new dress. Little girl in hand-knits... what could be better?