Sunday, 10 January 2010

Doll the fifth

This little baby is for my mom. She actually has 2 babies on order, and I plan on tackling the second one as soon as I can -- but I finished this wee baby this morning.

Sweet Pea is really rather taken with this small doll. Probably because it's only about 9 inches, and manageable for her. Maybe because it fits into her orange crate dolly bed so nicely. But what happens when you tell Sweet Pea she can't keep something??

You get the power scowl. Good thing the baby just keeps smiling!


Alrischa said...

Oh, no; that's a pretty scary power scowl! She'll have the boys doing exactly what they're told in a few years! lol.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful baby..and a beautiful other baby too! now you have to figure out which is which that the pink sweater Sweet Pea got for Christmas?

Stickyfingers said...

She has the boys doing exactly what she wants already!

Yes, that is the pink sweater Sweet Pea got for Christmas.

Sadly, she's even more in love with the little baby today than she was on Sunday. I think she'll very much enjoy visiting it at her Grandma's house!

Anonymous said...

I guess that means I better make sure that this new 9" baby has some clothes to wear SOON! if only I had a little fabric to spare hahahahaha

Batty said...

Wow, that's a superpower, that scowl is!