Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Potty talk

As I mentioned previously, Sweet Pea has taken quite an interest in potty training recently. I spoke with her day care provider and learned that she is one of 2, or sometimes 3 kids at day care who is still in diapers. The other one is an 8 month old baby. Why am I not surprised that my daughter is feeling the pressure?

So we went out on the weekend, and we bought 23 tiny pairs of panties. We also bought a potty. I wasn't planning on buying the potty for sure and for certain, but when she saw it, and looked at me with such big, hopeful eyes . . . Add to the that the reverant tone when she said "My Potty?" so hopefully - I didn't stand a chance. We brought home our purchases, showed them off to daddy, and then Sweet Pea requested 'Pin-teeesssss'. And so it began.
There was a lot of peeing of the pants on Saturday. And there was more on Sunday. But she got a drop - one single drop - into her potty on Sunday. I think it was the catalyst for her. The 'ah-ha!' moment. Unfortunately we had to go to a birthday party, so she wore diapers for the rest of the day. Monday morning, my wee girl told me she wanted to sit on the potty while I was changing her diaper. And then -- she pooped! On the toilet!!
There was a repeat performance this morning (bliss!).

We're still sending her to daycare in diapers. Because she's not really trained yet - she may just be playing with it. On weekends I'd like to keep her in panties most of the time. We'll see how that works out.

I can't really believe this is actually happening. She's only 18 months old (for another 3 days, anyway). I worry that she might not be ready. But I think if she wants to try, I'd be crazy not to give her the chance.


Bezzie said...

Congrats! The poop is the hardest because of the timing. With pee you have a little bit better chance of predicting when it will come and offering the potty.

Just be glad she doesn't have a penis that could get pinched in the seat. That will set you back WEEKS. Ugh.

Alrischa said...

LOL and YAY and Lucky you! My 18m old AND my 2.5-year-old are not interested in potties at all, and now there's number 3 in nappies! ;-)