Saturday, 2 January 2010

Back on track: Doll clothes

For Christmas, I was told all Smallest Niece wanted was some clothes to go with the dolly her momma got her. I was all too pleased to comply.
When the dolly arrived, I sneaked her home with me. This way, I could make clothes to fit her properly . . . or close, anyway.

The final result:

We shall start with accessories.

Mittens! Not an actual thumb there. The fabric is so light and stretchy it just looks like a thumb!

Socks. Okay, how cute are these? I made 3 pair, but only remembered to photograph these ones. Funny enough, these are the ones I kept for Sweet Pea's Beebie.

Next up, actual clothes.

Jacket. Note the socks and mittens-on-a-string.
I made up the pattern for this jacket as I went. I didn't write it down either. It was cute, but not quite what I had in mind.

Nightgown. Sleeves are much too long, but still . . . cute!

Cardigan. Again, no pattern - I used up a lot of odds and ends making this colourful little cardi though!

And finally, my 2 favourites:
Tiered skirt with starry tank top. Cuuute! I didn't make the shoes, she came with those.

Charming dress. This one was easily the biggest pain in the ass to make, but it's also completely adorable.

So did Smallest Niece approve? I have no idea. I can tell you that she stuck the socks on her doll's hands right away, thinking they were mittens. The rest of the clothes? I hope she's enjoying them.


Batty said...

Those are so pretty! And they bring back memories. My grandmother would take leftover fabric and sew the most perfect little clothes for my dolls. I loved them.

Kaye said...

Very cute!!! Before you know it you'll be making cute dresses for your BIG girl!

Lisa said...

Lucky niece -- absolutely gorgeous!

Abi F (Lavababy) said...

Aww well done they're all adorable! I especially like the jacket and mittens.