Monday, 25 May 2009

Life in the fast lane

Life with a newly mobile child is exhausting. Everything must (and should) be explored. Once explored, it must (and should NOT) be tasted. Or ingested. Right now, I've earned a moment to update by putting Sweet Pea at my feet, and distracting her with a tape measure. Because she only wants to play with it if it's not actually a toy.

New developments:
We now clap our hands, climb stairs, walk on our own on purpose!!, and say bye-bye.
She has finally discovered that walkers are good for walking with. She does endless laps around the main floor with them. Actually, she prefers one over the other . . . whatever.

Owl. In a sweater. With a hat.
Inspired by one I saw on Ravelry. Pattern is actually a ball, which you embellish to suggest an owl.
Made up of leftovers from other stuff. Given away as a birthday gift. Along with this:

It's a mustache for your fingers! That's the pattern name. I would call it a finger 'stache . . . and I did!!
Super fun, fast, and a big hit. I'm going to have to make more, I suspect.

Hats: A bunch of them. Most without patterns. Behold, my prowess!!

Poppy (2 of 'em!)


With limes.

Most bad-ass hat to date!
I love how the fuzziness of the pink is totally juxtaposed with the skull.
Love. I am in it.

The hats are more for the hospital/midwife/doula services pile of donation. I'm up to 14 now, I think.


Lisa said...

The owl and hats are awesome. I agree, the pink and skully hat is the best!

etcgirl said...

How did I not know that I love babies in mustashes???


Batty said...

Love the toys and hats!

Mr. Batty refers to newly mobile toddlers as MEGs (Mobile Entropy Generators). Go catch 'em before they break something -- or go boom.