Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Developmental Boom!

I recently heard that once a child crosses the 10 month threshold, their development blossoms. Suddenly (and all at once) they will do new, marvelous things. We are certainly seeing that in Sweet Pea's case.
On her 10 month birthday, she took her first steps. Three of them. I was so proud, I nearly cried! She's only taken 2 steps since then. I don't even think she knows she did it. That said, her cruising is gaining in momentum . . . and reckless-ness. Sometimes it's scary just how far she can get around the house without ever touching a person.

She also claps now. From wherever she is sitting, I will hear the darling little 'pat, pat, pat' of her tiny chubby hands clapping. She's so ridiculously proud/excited about this development. If I clap along with her, she is sure to bust into a huge grin!

She is very brave, and is trying very hard to learn how to do stairs. She will get to the bottom step, pull herself up, and then stand there jumping. It's adorable. She does go down stairs, though only with an adult's help. She does it just like an adult, upright and facing forward. I'm trying to get her to go down like a baby . . but I'm fairly certain she thinks I'm nuts.

Just today she started dancing without holding on to anything. So brave! And so astonishing! She didn't fall down at all while practicing this skill.

She's also practicing sitting down from standing. Does it over and over and over. Sometimes while holding on to something (then she bends her knees), sometimes not (bends at the waist and throws her weight back until . . FLUMP!). She's actually surprisingly graceful in this maneuver.

There's more. I know there's more. But there's just so much more all at once that I can't even keep track of all of it! Because she's now so mobile, and requires constant vigilance, my knitting is suffering terribly. I can't say I mind. I think it's a pretty fair trade! I knit after she goes to bed, anyway.

Other Sweet Pea news:
We're participating in the Statistics Canada National Longitudinal Study of Children and Youth. I'm super pumped about this. When I was in university, we looked at data collected in this study from years ago. I know how important participation in these things are. I'm really pleased to have the opportunity to be part of it.
And finally, we have selected a daycare! The wheels are in motion for my return to work. Now, I know what you're thinking - and yes, I do have over a month of leave left . . . I like to be prepared. The daycare is in a local home, run by a PSW. There are 3 other little girls in care there, currently 10 months, 14 months and 2 years. My girl will have peers to play with! (The other girl Sweet Pea's age is only in care for 2 hours a week so that brings the ratio of caregiver to itty wee girls to an acceptable level.) I don't relish the thought of going back to work and losing so much Sweet Pea time, but I do look forward to having adult company. And a reasonable paycheque.

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