Thursday, 4 June 2009

Promises, promises

I swear to Pete it's not that nothing is happening. It's not that I'm overly busy this time either . . . I'm just trying to spend every minute I can with Sweet Pea before I go back to work. On July 7. The day after her first birthday.

I took some quick snaps yesterday while Sweet Pea and I were tooling around the yard exploring. Her favourite thing right now is the maple keys, which have just fallen off the trees in the yard. She's so entranced by them.
Anyhow, while she contemplated the mystery of the maple key, I noted that the peonies are making promises

Promises I hope they keep!
The clematis is in on the promises too.

The Iris . . . Irises? Irises have bloomed.

I think I need to plant more of these. They are lovely!

And the Bleeding Heart is already beginning to fade.

I love the green that surrounds us this time of year. Before the grass has had the opportunity to yellow. Before drought makes everything brown and crisp. Everything is so soft and lush right now.

I also had the opportunity to photograph this:

Which will be made up into . . . . a mystery project! Actually 2. Stayed tuned for info!!


Ginger Mumma said...

a mystery project?!
curious I am!

Kaye said...

Ooo...I can't wait to see those peonies!!!

Stickyfingers said...

A hint: you WILL die from the cuteness. Then you will come back from the grave to beg me for one or more of your own.

Batty said...

No problem, you spend as much time with her as you possibly can. Another month... you'll blog later. Go enjoy some baby giggles.