Sunday, 10 May 2009

Who doesn't love a yard sale?

I totally typo'd that . . . it said 'yarn sale'.

Anyway, yesterday was town garage sale day. I remained locked up in my home -- for 2 reasons:

1) I don't need anything. No furniture, or nick knacks, or junk. If I were to go out, I would only find things to buy and bring home. In fact, sitting at the window, I saw people driving by with loads of stuff I totally would have picked up. Yard toys. Gorgeous furniture. You name it, I coveted it.

2) It was dumping rain like a sonofabitch yesterday morning. Going out would have meant bringing Sweet Pea along. Bringing Sweet Pea along would have meant loading and unloading her from the car seat. Which would have meant hanging half out of the car in the deluge. No thank you. At one point, there was even hail. Ugh.

The people across the road from us hosted a yard sale. Since Sweet Pea gets up at OMGtooearly these days, I got to see the whole thing. I was surprised at the vast spread of humanity frequenting yard sales. What I was most surprised to see was this:

NOTE: I've been informed these are Mennonites, not Amish. Carry on.
That's right outside my front window. Now, I don't really know why it shocked me so to see the onslaught of Amish . . . (maybe it was the fact that one of them bought a microwave!) I mean, it makes sense, right? They're just people, after all. But I was really thrown by the sheer volume of horses parking in front of my house. And, btw, you can only see 2 buggies in this picture. There were more, I just couldn't get them all in the same frame. For the record: Amish kids in their big bonnets and full skirts? Totally adorable.
The Amish were the first on the scene - they were completely finished by about 8am. Also among the first were the luxury car owners. BMWs, Lexus, Cadillacs . . . not the type I would expect to see at a yard sale. Confidently parking all over the street, in driveways not their own, in front of driveways not their own - then striding with purposeful steps toward the sale, the rain never touching their perfect hair and polished clothing. Usually, they left with nothing.
Mixed in, of course, were the people I expected to see at a yard sale. The regular people. People like me. Who parked where they should. Who wore jeans and sweaters or jackets that looked . . well, worn! With little wrinkles and bits of food on them. They wore shoes that didn't look like they just came out of the box. These were real people. People who actually got wet - the rain not fearing retribution.
It was definitely an interesting excercise in people watching. Sweet Pea agreed. She stood at the window watching and watching. When I took her away from the window, she cried.

Cripes, and now there's knitting content. This is going to be a lengthy post.

Easter Bunny Honey.
On Ravelry Here

I totally made some modifications. The ears, I don't remember what I did. The arms are 4 stitch I-cord. Sweet Pea likes to hold I-cord and swing stuff around by it.

Be vewy quiet! She's hunting Wabbits!

The construction of this rabbit is totally unlike any toy I've ever made before. It's done like a sock, with a heel flap and a gussett. Kind of interesting. The body was an enjoyable knit. The arms and ears went on and on forever.


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