Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mother's Day: I get it now.

I've been savouring the memory of Mother's day. Rolling it over in my mind when I have a rough moment, or feel like screaming. And dudes, I finally get it.

For the past 5 or so years, I've been getting pretty irked around Mother's day. I wasn't a mother myself, and I didn't feel I had required mothering in a fair while. Mother's day, frankly, pissed me right off. I like to think I give my mom the thanks she deserves while the iron is hot, so to speak. Saying thank you, doing little things together, that kind of stuff. Holidays - even Hallmark ones - require a lot of time management, diplomacy and organisation. Spend the right amount of time, the right amount of money, don't favour anyone . . . it's exhausting. Most holidays raise my ire. Hallmark holidays bring me dangerously close to the edge.

Anyway, this year, I was expecting high dramaz around Mother's day. I was expecting heartache and aggravation. And I didn't get any of that.
It began before 6am, when Sweet Pea decided to get up. This was not the high point of the day, btw. I like to think she was just so excited and happy to see me, and get my first Mother's day going.
Let's skip to the good parts:
Mr. Wonderful and Sweet Pea had co-ordinated via telepathy and decided to get me a Lush gift of epic proportions!!
There was a box full of wonderful from my wee girl, and 2 small bags of wonderful from . . . Wonderful!
I showered with this. One of my favourite Lush products. Ever. It was much needed following my early-ass morning.
Our visit with my parents was great. No dramaz, no disasters, we left a little later than we had anticipated.
Our visit with the in-laws was also delightfully drama-free. We left a little later than anticipated once again.
Once we got home and tucked the small girl into her crib, Mr. Wonderful ran me a bath -- with this! The bubbles were up past my ears. Sinful. Decadent. Perfect!! Then, he rubbed my back with this. I was pretty sure I had died and gone to heaven.

And there was plenty more Lush-y goodness where that came from. I still have stuff to use! And I will, one of these days. (This is what's left after a week of indulgence.)

It was all-around, a freakin' great day! I want days like that . . . every day! Now I understand.


Alrischa said...

Jealous!! I did all the work with the kids, as usual, while hubby slept in, and didn't even get a card, though he complains about not getting a present on Father's Day. Sigh.

Stickyfingers said...

Pfft! If you had to do it all on Mother's day, I would be sorely tempted to make HIM do it all on Father's day!
Mr. Wonderful did sleep in, but it's only fair as he takes baby duty on Weekend nights. He's a night owl. He only wakes me in dire circumstances. It's totally worth it!