Monday, 11 May 2009

Dissecting a knit. Sort of.

So I'm working on this baby cardigan. The Twinkle Vintage Baby Cardigan. Sadly, only available via Ravelry.
I bought the yummy yarn for it. Casbah. I cast on, and did about 10 rows before I started to have serious doubts. This is the sweater initially meant for the baby due in August. You may have read about it.

Casbah is delightfully soft, and machine washable. The colour I got is enchanting. Unfortunately, It is also 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon. I feel this may be too warm for a summer baby. I knit something different as a back-up for the August baby.
Having done that, I pressed on with the Twinkle Cardi.

I have a confession to make: It is the most fun I have had with a knitting project in a long time. Because I chose my own stitch pattern. And did it inside out!

Here is the yoke in progress. You can really see the depth of the colourway here. Yum!This is what it looks like today. Yoke is done, body is well underway. The stitch pattern I selected is from my Barbara Walker, Volume 1. This is actually the wrong song, called spot stitch, or dot stitch. The right side is called sand stitch.

This is the right side of the stitch pattern (sand stitch). Still pretty, but I thought a bit too garter-y. With the variegated yarn, the stitch pattern is kind of lost when you see the piece in person.

With the dot stitch, you can absolutely see what's going on.

The pattern suggests using stockinette for the body of this cardigan, but I noticed in looking at a few completed projects, the garter button band pulls the st st. I chose this stitch pattern because it still maintains a bit of garter, while looking . . . well, beautiful!


me said...

wow - that yarn is beautiful - what a great blend of colors in the final piece as well. It looks stunning! Way to go!!!

Bezzie said...

Ah that's Guro's baby cardigan--I remember when she first knit that. I love your mods!