Thursday, 11 February 2010

Such a Pretty Thing

On the weekend, I hung out with one of my pals. She was assisting me in pressing the 'reset' button on my crap week of mild to extreme crappiness. It worked.

On Friday last I got to a really weird place. I had nothing on the needles. Nothing. How do I - nonstopknitter - get to this place? I cannot say. Nothing was begging me to be cast on. Or I didn't have the right yarn. Or the right pattern. Saturday this situation was remedied with a trip to Shall We Knit? in New Hamburg. Dudes, we were there for three hours. It was freakin' awesome.

I bought me some yarn. Jenny gifted me some patterns. Sunday, I cast on.

Today, I am in the last 15 rows.

What is it? A cowl. Pretty Thing. It's made with the most luxurious yarn I have touched to my cheek -- qiviut, alpaca, merino, in a perfect split - 33%. When I rub it on Sweet Pea's cheek, she smiles. Sometimes she giggles. Damn, I love that kid!

But my cowl has not been all sunshine and roses. The pattern is 61 rows long. I was on row23 or so when I realized that I had been doing all the k2tog and the ssk in reverse. I had transposed them. I had to frog. I had a sad. Today, I realized that the cowl is looking a mite snug . . . I hope it will fit over my head. If it won't I'll have to give it a stern blocking. This will shorten my life by several months as I stress and fret.


Lisa said...

The Misti Alpaca I used for my purple sweater grew a LOT when I wet it (thank goodness I washed and blocked my gauge swatch before casting on) -- hopefully the alpaca content in your yarn will also cause it to grow... just enough!

Stickyfingers said...

I finished it. I wore it home from work. It. Is. Perfect.
I'm so glad!!!

Alrischa said...

3 hours! sigh...

What a really nice yarn (and color, too) for the pattern! What are you starting next?