Saturday, 27 February 2010

Give me some advice

As of late, Sweet Pea has been attempting to escape her crib. There were even nights where she would get halfway out, get stuck, and cry for rescue. This was cutting into my sleep so 2 nights ago we made the time to drop the crib mattress. It's now at the lowest setting, and 2 inches lower than it was before. Problem solved, right? Wrong.

This morning, 5am, I awake to the sounds of Sweet Pea crying. She is calling "mommy, hug! Mommy, hug!" It's 5am. No way am I getting out of bed for a hug. Generally she will go back to sleep in a case like this. This morning, her calling escalated - and then she sounded down right panic-stricken. So I dragged myself out of bed, and went to her room to find her with her foot (once again) stuck on the rail of her crib. Sigh.

So what do you think? Weigh in. Should I convert her crib to a toddler bed?

If I don't, she'll continue trying to escape and there will be more scenes of frightened, frustrated toddler in my future -- never mind the idea that eventually she will be able climb over and may hurt herself climbing out.
If I do I imagine she'll be out of bed constantly. I'm sort of fine with that - as long as she doesn't wake anyone else up. It does mean she'll be tired as they come for a while though.

What should I do??


Alrischa said...

As soon as Byron learned to climb out we put him in a bed. Then he came wandering into our room 10 times in the middle of one night, so we got doorknob covers from a baby shop. Sounds like she wants a promotion :)

KT said...

Buy a crib tent. Expensive but worth it. With my son I only had to zip it once and he never tried to jump out again

canadacole said...

I'm terrible with advice, because with 3 completely different personalities, I've certainly learned that different things work for different kids. But it's sounding like it may be time to go to a big girl bed. And babyproof the room so she can't get out and into trouble (either the doorknob things or a babygate).

Anonymous said...

canadacole and I are on the same wave length...make her surroundings super safe and let her progress to a bed without sides. It's a big step but so much safer than falling on her head. She's a brave wee girl and will only continue to try...harder and harder. There will be times when she tries to get out in the night, but when you set her straight firmly she'll get the idea quick enough and you'll all be on your way! She's clever and she's motivated...not one to "be a baby"..big girls have so much more to look forward to. kwgma

Leslie said...

We moved Buddy to a bed a few weeks ago.... he's only fallen out twice, and only gotten out once. It's been a very smooth transition, and we don't have a side rail on the bed.

I'd move her.

We had a gate on Buddy's room, so that we could lock him in there if we needed to. I quickly found though that he was more likely to get up if I closed the gate than if I left it open.

etcgirl said...

Not wanting to offend, but I think our goal is to help our kids grow and develop, not contain them. She's showing that she's ready for the big girl bed, even if mummy isn't ready! :)

Make her environment safe, keep consistent with the return to bed with no attention or additional stimulation. She'll learn to sleep in her wee bed, they all do eventually. (If she's awake at night a lot, does she still nap? Maybe she's ready to cut back some daytime rest?)

Hugs to you, pal. These are things that try mum's patience.


Stickyfingers said...

Thanks for the opinions, all. Wonderful and I have decided that we will leave her in the crib for the time being. She hasn't attempted an escape since this was posted -- I think the difference in the height of the mattress and rail has been processed.
We've decided we will move her to a toddler bed when she is 2, or when she makes further escape attempts, whichever comes first.
For the winter, she has a space heater in her room (completely necessary. The temp in there is under 15 without it) and we don't want her to burn herself, so we'll have to wait until spring at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

All is well that ends well...the ultimate decision is yours and with that extra wee bit of info (the heater) I am sure everyone understands your thoughts. Spring is just around the corner..and so is age 2..the terrific two..enjoy! kwgma

Anonymous said...

Easy choice - put her in a bed
As much as you want to think she is still a baby - clearly not the case
a bed - a REAL bed - skip the "toddler" bed - waste of money and time.
It will surprise you how fast they learn to sleep through forever and ever