Friday, 12 February 2010

Where getting up at 6 on a work day gets me.

We've been running late chez nous. Every day.

I've been enjoying sleeping in, Sweet Pea is asleep or quiet until 7:15, Mr. Wonderful has never been great at getting up when the alarm goes off the first time. Or second time. Or fourth time.

I decided to take charge. Late is not good. Chronically late is really not good. Last Thursday night I set my phone alarm for 6 am. When it went off, I got up. Well, after 8 minutes of lounging, but it was worth it. And I was still getting up early!

Sweet Pea started singing and chattering in her room just as I was getting ready to step into the shower. Instead of showering, I nursed her, changed her and got her dressed. Stress free. Then we went to the kitchen, where we did our Joaquin photo shoot - featured earlier - while Wonderful showered. Sweet Pea ate her breakfast, and was ready to play by the time her daddy came downstairs. I showered. Stress free. We put Sweet Pea in her coat and boots and hat and mittens without a fight. We went outside and played 'mommy monster chases Sweet Pea' for a few minutes before we had to put her in her car seat and get moving. I dropped her at the sitters without a meltdown, or a fight, or even an utterance of 'no'.

The drive to work was less stressful.

I got to park INDOORS at the parking garage. All said, it was a really pleasant morning.

I've been getting up early this week too. With varying results - but almost always better than the rushed, yelling, melt-down prone mornings we used to have. I seem to have a new wake-up time.

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