Thursday, 25 June 2009

Demy'steek'fying the steek.

Kiki-Mariko (aka Clickety-click) is all done!

Yesterday my good friend JennyP came over to witness the process. I had already finished the knitting, and the felting. For the record, this rug felted better than anything I have ever felted before. I am/was very happy with it!

I grabbed our sharpest scissors, and prepared myself to steek!

Right about here, I was thinking "I hope I don't make a misteek!"
Then, I snipped away!
TA-DA! Rug!
I have the same problem as most - ruffly, flared ends. I might address this, I might leave it. As yet undecided.
This is just about the most perfect project to learn to steek on. If you eff it up, it's not a big deal. Just trim a bit more. You're not losing a whole (expensive, lengthy) sweater. Using Cascade 220 doubled worked pretty well. It's certainly not a large rug. I'd call it a scatter mat more than even a throw rug - but it cost less than $50, and provided a great deal of entertainment. Oh, and learning, there was learning in there too.
Great project. I would totally do it again. In less . . . riotous colours.


Bezzie said...

It seems a shame to step on it!!!

Stickyfingers said...

Ah, but it is so squooshy and wonderful!!

Batty said...

Great work! I think I'd hang it on a wall for looking at.