Tuesday, 16 June 2009


My new Project

With which I am well pleased.

New skills learned:
  • knitting left handed (perhaps Continental? I do not know)
  • 2 handed stranded fair isle
  • when it's all done . . . STEEKING!
In fact, the steek is the whole reason for the knit. Yeah, yeah, the rug is nice and squishy and I'm sure it'll be great -- but . . the steek! THE STEEK!

I'm so excited, I can't wait to be done.

Kiki-Mariko rug from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines
Yarns: Cascade 220, held double.
Needle: 10mm.



Bezzie said...

I dig!!! those colors are awesome!

I knit left handed---combo though...not cont.

Stickyfingers said...

I don't know the difference! I suppose I could look it up.

Okay, several minutes and You tube videos later - it's Continental!

Anonymous said...

It's lovely and so wonderfully colourful...but what is it? Sorry to sound clueless but... *smile*

Stickyfingers said...

It's the Kiki-Mariko rug from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. It will go in Sweet Pea's room when it's all done - it matches the polka dot fabric in her bedding and curtains.