Sunday, 14 June 2009


Yesterday was world-wide knit in public day. Every year, yarnies all over the world gather to knit en mass in the streets, parks, malls . . . wherever! 2 years ago, I celebrated WWKIP day with 2 friends on the TTC-along in Toronto. We used the TTC (transit system in Toronto) to travel to a number of yarn shops, knitting all the way. Last year, I celebrated with swollen feet, ankles, and a wee baby on board. I went nowhere, I did nothing. I was saddened. This year, Mr. Wonderful took Sweet Pea to Nana's, in order to free me up for . . . .
The Shall We Knit WWKIP Extravaganza!

It was awesome! I wish I could show you, but in a moment of sheer excitement, I left the camera at home.
I did take pictures when I got home though . . not quite the same, but still.

To begin with, I was in a weird place. I had no WIP's, and no idea what to bring along. I mean, there's the lace shawl, but lace is not conducive to a KIP most of the time - add to that the fact that this lace is/was in time out for extreme naughtiness, and you can surely understand that I didn't want to bring it. I wasn't feeling the love. Not for anything new, not for the lace shawl. What's a knitter to do?


This is what I brought:

Here's a better view:

I'll wait while you count.

Yes, that's right. 10 balls of yarn, 2 patterns, and 2 pattern books. The pink on the left? That's the ill-behaved lace. I won't even embarrass myself by admitting to how many sets of needles I brought along.

Now, guess how much knitting I got done.
If you guessed none, you're right! I did get out the lace. I worked a row, I tinked it. I worked the same row, I tinked it. Over and over. Finally, I put it away.
The event was a blast nonetheless. There was sock blank painting, a timed contest with 6 foot needles, and $1960+ raised for breast cancer research! Best of all, I didn't have to chase my wee girl around - I got to relax. I did A Lot of zoning out.

After knitting, we went for a little family excursion to Family & Co. This place is really a treat. I mean, really! If you live in Ontario, and you haven't been - you really should go. How can you resist a place that does this for a bag?

Hint: when they say 'do you want it wrapped up?' Say YES!! (I didn't know that until yesterday)

Inside the bag? TOY GOODNESS! Sweet Pea's Nana picked her up a few of her favourites.

From left to right - blue dragon finger puppet, Squeaky clicking girl, black pony finger puppet.

This one, though, was so well-liked by the wee lass that she wouldn't even allow it be placed in the bag:
It's a bath toy. Sometimes I fear the child is addled. She actually fell asleep with this silly bath toy in her tiny hands. Aw.

So, I like to think we all had a pretty great day yesterday.

Today, I cast on for something new. I'm feeling really happy about it. More on that later.


Bezzie said...

Hee hee, so cute!! Sometimes the bath toys are the most beloved!

Batty said...

You always have to pack enough knitting. I mean, what if you run out? That would be horrendous!

Stickyfingers said...

Oh Geez I know! I break into a sweat just thinking about it! In retrospect, the even WAS just outside the LYS though . . . .

Ginger Mumma said...

'family & company' has been a fave family destination for years!!!
i love it, the kids love it, & even hubby loves it!
toys, toys, toys!
& yes, always, always wrapped!!!