Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sweet Pea's really big day. Actually, 2 days.

It was a big day. Really big. Gigantic even.

Thinking it over, I have got to say it's wonderful to have such an easy-going baby. She makes life so easy.
Let me recount. We'll begin at the beginning.
First, there was merriment and mirth while she showed off her 'Weenie outfit.

Yes, there are photos more in focus than this one, but the smile! The Smile!!

Then there was some serious playing

Then we met Grandma and Grandpa for lunch - and everyone who passed our table commented on what a charming little boy my daughter is. She's a master of disguise!

After that we went 'downtown' to post our mail, and print some photos. Our travels took us past the children's consignment shop, where they FINALLY had an excersaucer at a reasonable price. Since Sweet Pea loves to stand, but also loves to play - and cannot do both at once, I picked it up for her. I'm going to leave this photo kinda big so you can see the look on her face.

She made that face for 20 minutes. It was AWESOME! Astonishment, mingled with amazment. I think it was worth the purchase price of the toy.

Of course, there was the obligatory parade of trick-or-treaters. We almost ran out of candy . . only 9 pieces left! And then we dressed our girl for her trip to Nana's.

WARNING: You could die from 'teh cuteness'.

BUNNY! Know how I could tell?

Puff-ball bum! That's how. Well, that, and the ears.

So after a trip to Nan's to drop off Mr. W, day one was complete.

Day 2 was Alison's wedding. Yeowza. What a whirlwind.

I shot well over 600 photos for her, I do believe.

Sweet Pea spent the morning in her carseat, the afternoon in her infant chair, and the evening in the arms of about 2 dozen friends and family - most of which were strangers to her. And she didn't have one single melt down! She didn't even cry, unless she was hungry. Best. Baby. Ever.

Alison wore her 'stolero'.

And she looked great!

Sweet Pea wore her dress, and her wrap, and she looked great too!

Two such lovely ladies.

. . . So all of that's done. Now we can sit for a few minutes and catch our collective breath.

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Penny Karma said...

Awwwww! I love her cute lil faces!