Friday, 14 November 2008

Growing Pains

Ah, my Sweet Pea. Why are you growing so fast? One day you won't need me anymore - everyday brings us closer to that point. That makes me a sad mommy. BUT, there are lots of days between now and then - let's enjoy them together!!

Sweet Pea has dabbled in the solids in the course of the last week. Yeah, I know I kind of pitched a fit over switching last month. I've since come to realize that it's the baby who is in the driver's seat. Not the health practioner, not the mom, the baby. And this baby is interested in what we're eating. So we let her experiment. So far she's had her spoon dipped in vanilla yogurt (which have since learned is bad, and she won't be having again until she's much bigger), and plain squash.

Sweet Pea is a little chip of the daddy block. Here she is tasting squash for the first time:

I like to think she makes her feelings on the squash front clear, but just in case she didn't properly convey the message, here is what squash is good for:

Spitting back out, of course.

And my favourite photo, the final verdict:

"Why Momma? Why?"

Second round of immunizations was completed yesterday. I will spare you the tale of the 45 minute screaming fit that took us by surprise 4 hours after the shots, but I will share with you the happy conclusion of the screaming fit. Thanks be to Infant Tylenol.

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