Thursday, 7 August 2008


Blogging time is precious little these days, and I'm sure it will be harder and harder to score as Sweet Pea becomes more interactive, and mobile!

No new pics of the little one today - just this news . . . I finally got buttons on things!
I got buttons on my Gender Neutral Wraplan - which I will not link because the pattern is very flawed, and I value your sanity.

And I got buttons on Sweet Pea Pod

And I got buttons on Little Mothers, which I knit up MONTHS ago - but I forgot to photograph. I'll do it though. I will!

I've been working on the Modified Drops Eyelet Baby Cardigan lately. I get a few rows done each day, at least. When Sweet Pea is feeling very sleepy, or very interested in staring at things, I get several rows done. It's shaping up to be a lovely lightweight sweater for my little girl. Truthfully,
I'm a little jealous . . . I LOVE the yarn! (Tofutsies, but it's the colour that turns my crank!)

Here it is a few days ago. Now, there are 2 sets of eyelet repeats done as well. Lovely.


Lisa said...

Ooh, that eyelet WIP is very pretty -- you're right about that colourway! Glad you found buttons, sorry I dropped the ball a bit on that one!

Lynne said...

Ah HAH! There you are! Don't think we're not watching, missy. :)

Glad you've been able to steal a few minutes for a project here and there. Sanity sounds intact. ::grin::

See you soon.