Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Just some cuteness, and some knitting.

Aww! She's so cute!

Her toes are cute as anything!!

And look at those big blue eyes! Mr. W and I are hoping they stay blue - like his eyes - and don't turn muddy and colourless like my eyes. I have mood eyes, they change with my moods . . . but as cool as that sounds, well, it's really not. Imagine being at the DMV and being asked your eye colour for your licence. Errrr . . . am I upset that I got pulled over? Or happy because I'm out with friends and getting carded? Because brown, or blue respectively. They also go green. The only colour I've never seen them go is violet.

And since this is, or at least once was a knitting blog: KNITTING CONTENT!!

I'm roughly 75% of the way through Sweet Pea's Pea Pod. Sadly, the pattern and whatnot is no longer available on the web, otherwise I would link it for you.
I have the body of the sweater done and blocked, and one sleeve knit up completely. That leaves just the increasing section of the second sleeve, blocking the sleeves, making up, and working the neck. Last time I knit up this pattern, it took just under (and I mean just under) 1 skein of mercerized cotton. This time, I'm hoping to replicate those results, because I only have one skein. I think the colour will be captivating on Sweet Pea.


Trixie said...

ohhh baby toes! the little lady is very cute.

Trixie said...

the shape of her eyes is all you, isn't it?