Monday, 25 August 2008

Whether the weather be cold . . .

. . . or whether the weather be hot,
we'll be together,
whatever the weather,
whether you like it or not!

Our weather has gone completely bananas!I never know how to dress poor little Sweet Pea -- aside from 'in a layered fashion'. Cold-ass mornings, inferno afternoons. Yipes.

So, last week I did a terrible job of blogging. There wasn't much to tell until Thursday. We had a growth spurt week chez nous, so it was more or less a clinging to sanity with everything you've got week. However, Thursday I had a knitting night with my favourite ladies! Our wayward wanderer has returned from her tour of Europe, looking well and slender and very happy. Man alive I've missed her contributions! It was great to see her again! It was also great to have 5 'aunts' on hand to take Sweet Pea and deal with her for a few hours - she's such a well loved baby. What a lucky little girl. And Sno made her official announcement that she's taken a job - and it's one that sounds like just the right fit for her. What a happy evening we had!

Friday I ventured off with JennyP. We began with a breakfast out, then she took me to what I can only call Baby Clothing Mecca. The Great Canadian Superstore. Seriously, they have this huge clothing section in the grocery store. The baby things are 1) Adorable 2) Reasonably priced 3) Rather extensive. I've never seen selection like this anywhere else, and certainly not for such great prices. I think we've found my store of choice for all our mini clothing needs.
Then we all piled back into the car and took a trip to The Purple Purl. Fabulous yarn store. Lovely place to shop.
I kept myself in check - the Knitter's Fair is in 3 weeks, and I really do have enough on the go to keep me busy until then. But it was so good to have a wander, and a sniff, and grope all kinds of yarn. I miss that.
Then we finished up with some sushi, and a watch of Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog.
Everyday with JennyP is a good day. I swear we could sit in her house and watch her cats groom and it would still be fun.

Saturday: uneventful.

Sunday: Wedding. We took Sweet Pea along, she was invited. Not sure if it was due to her age, or if it had more to do with her disposition, but the crowd was not a good thing for her. She's only 7 weeks, I'm sure it was overwhelming. She and I spent a fair bit of time in a quiet 'children's area' nursing. Truth be told, she only cried a little wee bit. Mostly she just made "I'm not very happy" squeaks and grumbles. It took us 2 1/2 hours to settle her when we got home, but it doesn't seem to be a lasting unhappy.

Just the button bands left to go on Narnia. I did one row on my lace stole last week, after having not touched it since I was pregnant. I really need to pick up mom's sweater again . . . running out of time!!


jennyp said...

Dude, you're awesome. Lilah had a busy week - you can't blame her for being cranky. Hell, I was cranky too - it was too flippin hot! You'll be proud that I bought Dr. Horrible on iTunes, as recommended by Mr. Wonderful. Dave loved it!

Lynne said...

Ahhh, I made everyone in my house sit through Dr. Horrible, and now they actually THANK me! WTHorse?

And Little Ms. is not at all a pain. She is a normal, growing, lovely bebeh who has all she can do to keep up with the bidness of making new bebeh cells, and so all the rest of the world and their expectations can just go hang fire. Pllltthht!

You're doing a very good, patient, mum job. Way to go.