Monday, 18 August 2008

Sweater heaven

I think Sweater Heaven is in my living room, or possibly the couch downstairs. Not in the sense that it's where sweaters go when they die, but in the sense that I'm making dozens of sweaters, and it's heavenly.

Current undertaking: the Chronicles of Narnia sweater. Ravelry Link. Here's mine:

Using up some leftovers in the flowers - you may recognize the colours from Sweet Pea's Kimonos.

I've been forced to admit that my Fair Isle needs practice. Here it is before being 'altered'

Lumpy, bunchy, generally weird looking.

And after:Much smoother and more satisfying!

Also satisfying: this sweater looks much larger than the others in Sweet Pea's collection. Perhaps she'll get to wear it later in the year, and more than twice!

Now, do you remember this?

Well, I took a similar one today. Look how much she's grown!


Lynne said...

That's it! You have GOT to stop feeding that child. I leave you alone for a month, and what do I get in return??? A child who needs MORE yarn to clothe!!

Shocked. Shocked and appalled, I tell you.

(You bring her Thursday so I can lick that darling child again, ok?)


Lisa said...

I can hardly wait to see her again! [Must resist impulse to cast on for darling baby girl clothes again. RESIST!! Darn it, she's so cute she's distracting me from the Cherie Amour I'm swatching for myself...]