Saturday, 9 August 2008

They grow so fast . . .

No really! They grow VERY fast!
Remember the Peapod sweater I just finished? Well here it is:

While it fits her nicely, I wish that I felt I would get more than 3 wears out of it! It looks great on her, and I think I'll have to make another much larger one . . . but wow that was a lot of stolen knitting time for something that just fits.
Sidebar: isn't she cute?

I've also learned that I have a stack of sweaters, all hand knit, that share the same characteristic: they will fit my daughter already, and not for too much longer. They are sized for 3 month old babies according to the patterns! While Sweet Pea is 3 month sized in length, she is still only about 10 pounds. I suppose that there is a fair bit of give and stretch in most of them though. And it has been a cool summer, it's not like she can't use them right now.

And the current eyelet WIP? Sized for a 9 month old, according to the pattern. Upon eyeballing, it sure looks similar in size to Sweet Pea's other sweaters! Initially I didn't believe I had gauge - well, I measured yesterday and I did get gauge. I only hope she gets to wear it a little before it doesn't fit anymore.


Marcy said...

She's beautiful. I make sweaters in two year sizes, even for infants. They are dresses at first and get a LOT of wear.

Bezzie said...

Good lord, you KNOW better than to model baby wear on the baby! Who can concentrate on the sweater with a kid that cute????

Kashmir Knitter said...

There was a sweater?