Monday, 30 June 2008

Bead it! Oh, and get out of my pelvis, kid.

My due date is Wednesday. WEDNESDAY. That's this week, boys and girls -- day after tomorrow.

Mind bottling (name that movie quote!).

I never thought I'd make it this far. I thought I'd be early for sure. That's why three weeks ago I started to get really, really antsy. But something weird happened late last week -- I stopped being antsy. I don't want to say I stopped caring, because I DO care. I want the baby here and in my arms . . but now, I feel like I can wait. Maybe it's because Sprout is engaged, and out of my lungs. Maybe it's because I've figured out that 'natural induction techniques' are ridiculous. Maybe it's because I don't really feel pregnant anymore. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I'm not losing my mind with anticipation anymore.

I have this niggling feeling that the birth is coming closer and closer -- and of course it is! Every day brings us one day closer . . we just don't know which day it will be.

While I wait, I knit. Like crazy.

Juno Regina.
Knit in a lovely wool silk blend by Fiddlesticks -- Zephyr.
Cast on last Tuesday - in the last 10 inches of charts as we speak.
I opted to bead it since I have lots of leftover beads from last year's mystery stole, and they're a perfect match for this yarn. It's gorgeous! And it's remarkably long. I bet it makes an awesome stole.
I was knitting it up for something to do while I waited. I didn't figure I'd get very far before Sprout's arrival, but now it looks like I'll finish it before Sprout's arrival. I was thinking of tucking it away for a gift for someone, since I don't love the colour of the yarn. I was thinking of running a contest with the stole as a prize. I just don't really know what to do with it.


Susieknitster said...

Congratulations I hope you have the baby soon. You will have your hands full, but I hope still find time to knit. Your beaded scarf is beautiful, I wan to put it in my to do list.

Let us know when the baby is born.

Good Luck


Jenna said...

Congratulations on the baby! All of your work is beautiful. I've found that it is much more fun to knit with a baby on your lap. (Thank goodness this is possible!)

Good Luck!

Batty said...

And congratulations.