Sunday, 15 June 2008

My fingers, they are numb

They have been numb all day. I thought it would go away, but it refuses . . . sigh. Hopefully, Sprout will be delivered sooner rather than later, and the edema will vanish.

This puts a serious crimp in gettin' my knit on. I can only do like, a row, maybe 2 before the numb gets distracting. Then I go eat something - oh yeah, did I mention the numb is great for my waistline too?

The dresser was delivered today (yeah, no segue . . so??). It looks great! I love it . . . except the handles. They're rather . . . festive. Sprout's Grandpa painted them red, green and white. (Oh my)
We'll leave them on long enough to be polite, and then replace or repaint them. Now we have to determine a nursery layout that we can both live with.

I realized that I neglected to bring the blog up to date with Guild Adjudicated Show info. Tuesday was the show and tell. My stuff did not win, and it did not get a technical honourable mention HOWEVER:
The Yarn Harlot was the adjudicator, and also narrated the entire show and tell.
Chocolate Jacket: she called me a clever knitter for my yarn choice, and wrote on my entry form that it was brilliantly knit and embellished.
Kimonos: She squeed over, and wrote on the form that they made her want to play with dolls.
Merry: I really don't remember. Oops.
Bunny Booties (which I still haven't photographed): She said she couldn't help but put her fingers in them and play with them, and wrote on the form that they made her want to have another baby (and that's really saying something).
So I still got the validation I so desired, and my knits are safely back in my possession - before Sprout's appearance!
Sadly, in a cleaning spree, Mr. Wonderful threw away the forms with the comments - but really I suppose it's for the best . . . who needs entry forms hanging around anyway? I realized he'd done it before the trash went out, but opted not to save them. I have the memories!

Now, if you'll excuse me, we're having a pretty impressive thunder storm and I should probably turn the PC off.


Batty said...

Wow, that's some incredibly awesome feedback on your knitting! And from the Harlot herself. That's just fabulous.

Don't worry about not knitting when your fingers are numb. When the edema goes away, you'll get back to it in no time. Besides, it's the summer, and I consider knitting slumps during the hot and humid months perfectly acceptable.

Jen said...

She said that Merry had the most perfect toggle buttons ever. And it does. Sorry I won't make it out tonight...we need to hook up sometime soon so I can gift you some baby knits! Lemme know what you're up to this weekend.

Stickyfingers said...

This weekend I am up to sitting around and praying for labour. What day do you want to do something?

Jack said...

Praise from The Harlot! You and I should feel free honoured!